0.8.1 (27-07-2020)

  • Cleaner handling of infer_concept_relations. When exporting through skosprovider_rdf this attribute will determine if broader/narrower relations between concepts are generated when there’s a collection between them, as is the case when a concept has a guide term divding the underlying concepts. When reading from an RDF file, the infer_concept_relations attribute will be set to True if at least one concept in a collection under a concept has a broader relation with said concept. (#73)
  • Prevent the _add_labels method from generating an error. (#80)

0.8.0 (08-06-2020)

  • Update to RDFlib 0.5.0 (#74)

0.7.0 (12-02-2020)

  • Compatibile with SkosProvider 0.7.0.
  • Make it possible to read an RDF file containing more than one conceptscheme. (#35)
  • Drop support for Python 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5. This is the last version that will support Python 2. (#63)

0.6.0 (16-07-2017)

  • Compatibile with SkosProvider 0.6.1.
  • Add information about the void.Dataset when dumping to RDF.

0.5.0 (11-08-2016)

  • Compatibile with SkosProvider 0.6.0.
  • Add official python 3.5 compatibility.
  • Add support for sources when dumping to RDF and reading from RDF. (#17)
  • Add support for languages to conceptschemes when dumping to and reading from RDF. (#16)
  • Add support for HTML in SKOS notes and sources. (#15, #20)

0.4.1 (17-07-2015)

  • RDF dump: Add the top concepts and the conceptscheme identifier in the full RDF dump (equal to the RDF conceptscheme dump).
  • RDF provider: literal and binary type to text when parsing the graph to a list.

0.4.0 (03-03-2015)

  • Allow dumping a single conceptscheme to RDF. This does not dump the entire conceptscheme with all it’s concepts or collections, just information on the conceptscheme itself and it’s top concepts.
  • Allow dumping a single concept or collection to RDF, and not just an entire conceptscheme with all concepts or collections.
  • Add skos:inScheme information to RDF dumps.
  • Better handling of dc(t):identifier. When reading an RDF file both dcterms:identifier and dc:identifier are considered when analysing the identifier. During dumping, we also dump to dcterms:identifier.

0.3.0 (19-12-2014)

  • Compatibile with SkosProvider 0.5.0.
  • Dumping to an RDF file now also dumps information on the Conceptscheme.
  • Dumping to an RDF file now also adds notes to a Collection, not just to a Concept.
  • Now handles subordinate_array and superordinate concept.

0.2.0 (14-10-2014)

  • Add support for Dublin Core identifier (#5)

0.1.3 (02-09-2014)

  • Fix a namespace error for SKOS Notes. (#2)

0.1.2 (31-07-2014)

  • Documentation fixes and cleanup
  • Removed RDFlib artefacts from output.

0.1.1 (20-05-2014)

  • Bugfixing
  • encoding/decoding problems
  • casting rdf subjects and objects to rdflib URI’s
  • Added tests


  • Initial version